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Luna sexy dance @ SSTP

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f(x) + faceless. 

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(∩ -∩ ) aaaand (>^ ▽^) >

d’awww let’s hug forever pls darling <3

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Send me a face <3


(๏_๏) - I stalk your blog

(¬_¬) - You should go away

( - ) - I really like you(r blog)

(° o °) - you shock me

(^ 3 ^) - I want to kiss you

(>^ ▽^) > - I want to hug you

°Д°) - You scare me

( T_T ) - You annoy me

(~_~;) - I’m too shy to talk to…

(・・;) - How did I end up here?

(UnU) - you never talk to me

(><) - we should rp!


(^///^) - Something too naughty to say

(X ~ X) - Delete your blog

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"You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed."

—Shinji Moon (via aurelle)

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It has been some time since my last follow forever and I will soon reach my 3k of cutie-patootie followers I have decided to create yet another post to express my feelings towards you guys. Despite the fact I am quite lousy at talking to you and even if I do I am the cheesiest person out there but I would like to say thank you to both all the people I have met here so far (you know who you are, ilu) and the people I have not yet talked to but their presence makes my dash (and usually mood a lot better).

Since I run an extremely multifandom blog, the list includes a variety of blogs. Feel free to follow and talk to any of them because they are all amazing!

A - D

acciomyungsoo  ahyoungies aigyu alwaysoshi amigonew antisulli anyja astrospace athaenas awesomaticrobotronic biteubi blondho bomminator borntobeast btobsmelody bumblekey celo-mar chodingdino choisullis cmblaq dewusional dohdoro dubuwaffle

E - J

eovoo eteru favoun florensic forkkkey fqzpocky ga-ho gieoks giyeuk greaseu gyubelle hakaiou hakyeone halcalism hunho ibleedpastelpink icepearls idiotae ilhoob ilhoon ilhoonftw illesthoon imgenieforyourwish imperyeol ireseul its4minute itsgirlsday jisaurus jiyeolie jjongbling jjpngsta jongbyung jongmint jooyeol,

K - N 

key-goon keyramel keysballs keyvictim kibump kimnamjoos kittenluna kkibum kwibom lastkim lazeramsey lee-qri leehqeri lordkey lovegrrl lovet-ara mewfarida mintokkies mintyramen monoka myungq naekibum naerong namjae ninepearls noctorn noteclue

O - S 

o-t-beast ohmy-goddess ohpeniel p-pominit parksojn pieniel pilsuks pinktaep pitdae pkthunders pohroro pokersoo qaerin rammyeon ruby-sica s1cas saranghaeyos seonyuhs seoulers seouleu seulense seunghyonq shinee-brothers shineebabo shineesque sicats sixelya sleepyheaded snugjae sodonewithexo soojunged soosicat sooyoungss soshimoshi steoulen sullis sunbyungs sungsubbie syaedou symptaem

T - Z 

taebody taejongie taejumma taekmeout taellyuns taemajesty taemeow taemisu taemperor teapanie telepany tellsmeyouriwsh thoulgyu tipanys tofumaggie tohososhi tokkeys toldyouseo twoneofakind woohyan xiacation yadoong yeahcl yeahpudda yeoli yeolshi yosics younas zibums

I am 100% sure I forgot about someone so here’s my blogroll for all the fantastic blogs I follow.



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get to know me meme: 2/6 female groups


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40/? Pink Tape edits.

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Arrgghhhh you like Arctic Monkeys too? Favourite song? ^^ (this has just made me love you even more)

awww you’re so cute bb ( > v < ) and I love them! I’d say at the moment (it changes so much tbh) “R U Mine?” is my favorite, but I’m obsessed with the entire AM album OTL

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Happy birthday mao mao 
"I think rather than being over-friendly at first, having a cold first impression and slowly making them realize that i’m not that cold is better."

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dem body o<-<

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